Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Parker Mandujano

IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0430


As I was eagerly studying the art work within the galleries I came across a classmate who was gazing upon some of the art pieces himself. Parker Mandujano, a freshman student at California State University Long Beach, is most inspired by the art work created by Pilar Gallego which is described as ‘Teen Idol Popstar James Franco’. What is a picture of a headless guy to me is a more meaningful piece to Parker. He characterizes this picture as “By humanizing the human, Man is just man, not a piece of meat.” This in my understanding was that the artist was creating a sense of equality for all men. The more conversation we had the more clear the picture became. As Parker goes on stating “The celebrity featured is brought down to the same level as him(parker) even though James Franco is highly ranked in society.” I found that it is better to see everyone as equals rather then conforming to society values and lowering our self esteems.




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