Wk 1 – GLAMFA Artist – April Bey

April Bey IMG_0413 IMG_0414

While scoping out all the artistic pieces in the room I came upon one upmost intriguing art work on the wall. April Bey creates a fascinating piece showcasing the manifestation of our country’s diverse culture in which society has not only idealized human beings but also worships the grotesque side of their flaws as making it seem okay because they are higher in social class. April states “Ghetto culture is accessorized by the wealthy and deemed ‘swag’ while at the same time circumventing the real issues of the actual ghetto.” This being said our society makes trash a justifiable look when someone we view as above ourselves are doing it too. The art piece presented gives me the feeling that I too fall into the deep temptations of our generations idea of ‘cool’ and this art piece allows me to step outside of all that and look at it in a different aspect.


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