WK 2- Classmate Conversation- Kevin Kwon


As I came across a nice young fellow classmate Kevin Kwon, I had come to curiosity that he was deeply admiring or questioning a picture upon the gallery wall. So I took the initiative to strike up a conversation. Well I can tell you that Kevin Kwon is no average joe kinda guy, he is unique and bright and even though he claims to be undeclared as a major, deep down he aspires more to be an engineering major one day. Kevin is going on his third year of college at Long Beach State, in which he dormed his freshman year  but is now commuting. As outgoing as Kevin may look I found out that he is not really involved in campus life not because he doesn’t want to be but only because he is the type of person who likes to sit back and watch the action happen around him. When finding this news out i came to ask the question of sports. He claims he likes to watch basketball even play sometimes even though he isn’t the best, when he watches professional basketball he can imagine himself in the game too. 

While Kevin and i were discussing his life his hobbies and interest, I learned that his most recent form of stress reliever is weightlifting. This hobby of his is a self motivating ways is a work of art itself, what most people don’t realize is the most critical forms you have to know to not hurt yourself. Not everybody will know this skill at first try but through proper training such as what my friend Kevin is doing will give you not only physical strength but mental strength too. I also learned that Mr. Kwon enjoys cover music featuring Tori Kelly in which she plays acoustic guitar and sings with an incredible voice, believe me I checked her out myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDCSHullMC0

What Kevin found most intriguing about this GE art class was the fact that Mr. Zucman could create not only an interesting art environment but also encourages us to be a social class to network and express who we are as individuals. I asked Kevin was piece had caught his eye the most this thursday at the art gallery and he had pointed to the info red piece created by Evan Trine which he left untitled. Although Kevin was so unsure of what the picture was it caused him to feel frustrated because of all the kayos that could happen in this limited frame space. Almost feeling a sense of cluster-phobic when stared at too long. I enjoyed having the same frustration feeling with him because I felt as though two minds could understand the same feeling from one picture.

 IMG_0812 IMG_0813


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