WK 2-GLAMFA Artist – Clare Little

IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0428IMG_0429

As i walked into the art gallery today…BAM! Right in front of my eyes there it was a “Rocking Chair” the focus of the room kept leading my eyes back too it. Was it because of its vibrant red color or the fact that a sattle seat laid upon its side, or maybe because it was simply just a chair that was not propped up right. All of these ideas and question came to mind as i entered the room, although as hard as I tried to look at other art work my eyes kept its focus directly on that chair. I mean I probably looked at it for a good five minutes before I even spoke up about it. This piece had its own unique way of living and i wanted to understand it more.

The more I read up on Clare Little the more I understood where the idea of her two pieces came from. She expresses the idea of normality with confusion to convey a message on confronting civilized space. Clare states “By creating forms of the ‘other’ in domestic agriculture material, the work challenges the hierarchy of man.” in which this being said she is giving the vision of what we see normal a brain challenger. I would have to admit this piece had me puzzled for quit a while.



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