WK 2- weekly activity- Instagram

In the past two weeks of being in this class you can bet i have been enjoying every minute of it. No I’m not an Art Major but just because I’m taking this class means I am stepping out of my comfort zone to experience new things, new people, and new adventures. Our assignment this week was to make an instgram page and upload some photos we took, found or just wanted to express ourself and post them up. Well this was easily not even an assignment in my eyes but a fun activity i got to do throughout my week.

IMG_0845A few of the things i came across this week all started when i was driving to the beach with some friends and I noticed a man riding a bike, but no this still looked foreign to me, well thats because he was riding his bike on ONE WHEEL! Any ways i was seriously impressed and i just felt the need to share it with anyone I could.


While at the beach this weekend I obviously wasn’t in the right mind but I let my friends barry me in the sand with only my head sticking out. Who would have know my friends creative side would have come out at that moment and decide to make me a washed up mermaid on the beach. I wanted to stay there all day but sadly the tide was creeping up the shore. 

Are you ready to hear about the highlight of my week though because here it is. I had an incredible opportunity to do archery. It was more then what you see Catness doing in the “Hunger Games” it was also its own form of art. The technique you havIMG_0844e to understand and all the precautions were necessary to know. As cool as I felt getting close to the bullseye it took me more then just a few times. But after having this thrilling experience I knew it was something to share with the social world and group of cyber people I call “followers”. Never the less my second week was an amazing week that I was more then happy to share with my fellow classmates. 



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