Wk 3- Art Gallery- Christopher Vavrek

Im not quit sure how to start how I felt about Christopher’s work this week. Yes I appreciate all the hard work and effort put behind it don’t get me wrong, but looking at his work I stood in confusion. As much as it was stated that it was a bunch of modern technology put together to describe the era our culture has come to, I felt as though he created just a time machine and we all went back in time right as we all stepped through those doors of the gallery.

Christopher explains that he is “giving life back to the lifeless..” well how I viewed it was he was able to take something that once had so much meaning, something that one person was once on such a high making that first purchase of what was before modern technology, and gave it that meaning once again.

Overall I became very found of this loud rebellious act of art. It had so much more meaning then just a bunch of scraps we got bored of, he was able to really recreate something beautiful and I enjoyed feeling apart of his work.

IMG_0944 IMG_0945


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