WK 4- Artist Conversation- Marie Thibeault

Marie Thibeault, a shy young gal I might say but has a fired imagination when it comes to her art work. I only had a short conversation with this creative artist but what I did learn from her was very inspirational.IMG_1227

I was quit found of one of her art pieces, Raze. it was more then just a blank wall with writing and flowers in front. It was the creation of the thought of life. It was how such harmless things such as flowers could have such meaning and impact on our lives. Digging even deeper it was Inspiration of the world being put to art work not just inside the art gallery but everywhere we go.

IMG_1233I got a chance to go even more in depth in conversation with Marie though, in asking not just about the one piece she did but also all the others she tag teamed with another student in her class Oscar Mendoza. There motive, was being inspired my materialization. They met last semester and from there projects were formed and ideas came to life. They both have this similar form and they went with it in experimenting with the art. Adding fabrics here and there yet thinking about different things they still had some sort of similar concept yet it always came out very abstract. Adjunction. That was the one word I caught from Marie under her soft tone. It means the condition of being servile, wretched, or contemptible, she used this word to explain some of the emotion behind some of these very few pieces. Marie stated that it was the inside of someones emotions reaching out. overall both Marie’s and Oscar’s content were different, but they made it work when they came together, clearly I do not have to explain that it shows in there hard work, that definitely payed off

.IMG_1231 IMG_1232


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