Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation- Richard Chavez

Richard Chavez, is a nice young fella. I met him last week in which he was in my group for the video project. Except now I actually had the chance to sit down and talk to him. Learning things like that not only is he a freshman but he commutes to school. He claims to be undeclared but he intends to pursue some sort of Engineering major. He is looking into some of the Fraternity houses but not positive is he wants to join. He claims that all the people are nice but he is still deciding if that is the right seen for him.IMG_1226

Richard is more then just an average kid in high school he was a star player on his schools soccer team. Maybe Im exaggerating but soccer is not an easy sport, believe me I played for years. Never the less, he was very competitive starting from his sophomore year in high school to his senior year on the varsity team, at Downey High School.

In talking to Mr Chavez I asked him about his favorite art piece he saw this week and the words out of his mouth stumped me as I had the same one in mind! “RAZE” created by Marie, it was stunning and even breath taking. Richard started to explain to me that he noticed how lively this art work was and how it brought life to the entire room right as you walk in. He stated “It has a way of lifting your spirit the more you look at it.” This piece brought attention to both of us and we both agreed that it gave off some sort of positive emotion, definitely a highlight of the gallery work this week.


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