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This weeks project was very exciting, it was more then just sitting behind a computer and researching different art majors or projects. The class was supposed to go out and get a powder that turns into a plaster once mixed with water in which we used the ocean water. How did these sculptures come about ? In digging a hole into the wet sand we were able to form around our body parts such as hands and feet and then after removing our body part quickly inserting the plaster mix which after letting it set after at least half an hour we dug them out almost as if we were digging for fossils. This experience was quit different in which my classmates and I not only had fun doing the project but we also got to enjoy a beautiful day at Seal Beach. I learned that art can not only be found anywhere but also made anywhere if you put your mind to it. Every art challenge Mr Zucman throws our way, yes I am a little nervous but it intrigues me and I always end up loving the experiences i get from it.


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