WK 5-Classmate Conversation-Sandra Menjibar

Sandra Menjibar

A young salvadorian women I came across while scoping out the gallery. She along with all our other classmates was intrigued by most the art she came across. The Latina women in the frame speaking of being hand cuff by the neck is where I ran into Sandra. We had both were caught up struggling at the fact that there was a receipt in a frame right next to the picture. In all fairness it was an interesting  art piece but what did it mean? what did it symbolize? why?

Little did I know that just in due time I would be having a conversation with this girl. A long and entertaining one as well. Our sarcastic personalities clicked instantly. But we still got to talking, and i learned a little about who she use to be and who she is now today.

IMG_1345Sandra played soccer in high school she was very athletic during the seasons all the way to track season. She loved being active in sports it made her feel energized and youthful. Wait it gets better! Ms. Menjibar is bilingual too! she speaks spanish and in high school  was the VP of her schools Spanish Club! She not only participated in high school but has carried on her spanish speaking skills to college and helps with the ARL program in which she takes time out of her week to speak to foreign kids in english. She dedicates time to these students in hopes of teaching these foreign kids a little bit more of who we are as american citizens.

Sandra just might seem like an average student in this class as I looked at all my piers, but she has a lot to offer and even though she is undeclared as a major I have hope she will very well find her calling soon!

Fun Fact: we stared talking about pools and jacuzzis and waters and i found out that whenever Sandra is in warm water she feels like noodles in soup!  HAHA so weird but then I thought about it and could imagine the same thing!


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