WK 5-Activity-Identity Change

This weeks project was to go out and place ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Well that’s exactly what I did! I got this crazy fit swimmers body shirt in which defining myself as someone I’m not. Don’t get me wrong I’m not obese but being curvy never hurt no one. Any ways I went out and asked a few people as to :

Who they thought I was?
What my name was?
Where they see me in 5 years?
IMG_1598 IMG_1599
As you see the girl in the picture.. Her name is Jamie Filosa a young spirited freshman, I came across her and stopped her to ask these few question along with a couple others but Jamie answered quite different she answered these questions in saying no matter what my name was I give my name personality thru how I express myself. She stumped me so asked if I express myself in this kinda way who am I? To her I was just another face in the crowed going about day by day. We live through diversity these days in our generation. Not one person has the same finger prints so you see it is kind of hard to just give someone a name. But yet rather judge someone on a personality trait. I found this activity quit positive in the aspect of seeing myself in someone else’s point of view. We may not all be here as the same person with the same aspiration but we are all here trying to do the same thing which is make a name for ourself that people will remember.

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