Wk 6-Activity-French Girls

IMG_1655IMG_1656French girls is an app if you were curious as to what it might be, but its not like most social media apps were my friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s is posting drama about everyone in the school all day long. NO. Its quite more unique then the average app we see these days. Drawing faces of our friends, family or even strangers and becoming our own Piacasso artist. What did I learn from this app you say? Well, I’m not the greatest at finger art but I still had fun! This app was created to let IMG_1652strangers take selfies and create IMG_1654portraits to share with the world all in the convenience of your phone. You may see th is app and think how easy it must be to draw somebody straight off you phone, little did you know that you fingers are fat!It was so hard to get anything perfect, in fact I haven’t seen one that has been even close. Its not that it needs to be perfect but making something entertaining out of it. Which I believe this activity did perfectly well in keeping me entertained in my math class aha!


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