WK 6-Artist Conversation


Although I didn’t get to have a one on one conversation with the artist this week I will just talk about the gallery that most stuck out to me which was the LABYRINTH gallery that had a naturalistic look to it when you walked in. Artist Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa and Juan Martin created the sculptures thats were eye catching to the young students of CSULB as we goIMG_1628 in every week seeing something new. The difference on this weeks was a shivering feeling of being in a cold place. Irony as you walk back outside and its back to being 90 degrees! Nevertheless these artist created a vibe as if we were in winter season.

Right as you walk in you notice the calming feeling what you see as an animal sculpture in its natural stands. Its quit simplistic on how it sits there so cheek. The texture of  the sculpture was very abnormal as well as i’m not quit sure to tell you if it was a wax or clay or plater or painted whatever it was, it was unique and diverse and it caught my attention..

IMG_1627What stood out even more when you walked a little further was this center piece of what appeared to be “ice” which really created an idea if ice literally being ‘ice’solated! Yes I just created a pun out of that, but at least the art is doing what its supposed to be doing and making me think. This piece had a way of making a bold statement and it was clearly known that it was there.

As you can see I also made a new friend in the gallery today, and no I’m not speaking of my classmate discussion, but the next sculpture I encountered. Fooled me and fooled a few of my fellow friends but was a great conversation starter. This art piece came to life in the gallery and brought people together to share a common discussion. Oh how so many people said, “Whoa! I thought that thing was real!”


Overall was quit a great experience in the art gallery this week!



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