Wk 6-Classmate Conversation- Mariela Herrera

Mariela Herrara a junior at CSULB in art 110. I was lucky to meet her in the gallery as she came up to me looking to start a classmate conversation. Its kinda of the norm now for our class. At first a lot of us were shy and timid but now, not so much. Its great to know that this class is branching us of and helping us create a list of now what I call friends and how six weeks we all started off as strangers just looking to pass by in this art class going unknown. Mr Zucman does a great job in reaching out to us students and not only keeping us alert on whats new but also incorporating us students in the lecture and giving us a chance to really get out of our comfort zone for the better. he involves students like Mariela and I to not just know a select few in the class but actually give a name to a face in the crowd we see every two days of the week.


So I was conversating with my new friend Mariela and her aspirations in life to becoming an officer. Right now she is in the middle of a bunch of schooling to help further her career with hopefully majoring in Criminal Justice in the next 2 years. You can tell she will love her job just by how passionate she is when she starts to talk about it. Currently she gets the pleasure of working for LA PD as a small office job but she soon hopes to become something more one day.

BUSY BUSY BUSY… Mariela works and is a full time student. she works long shifts at the police department and spends the rest of her time at school or studying. But when she does get free time she loves to cook. Especially her favorite, pasta! I definitely agreed in that being the best meal there is! She has really gotten good at cooking for herself in knowing that she doesn’t want to spend money all the time and its just more convenient when at home.

Fun Fact: her favorite movie is WHITE CHICKS! Thats a classic!


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