WK 7-Artist Conversation-Colette Brown


Colette forms this mystic idea that is eye-catching. What I thought was most interesting about this piece was the puzzlement I had about it. I find art more interesting the more abstract it is. Not one part is similar and I like that.

In finding myself approaching this art piece I noticed a cold vibe everyone had around it, almost as if a ghost was in there or death was upon it. Mrs Brown exclaims how she was inspired one day as she stumbles upon an “ashy trailhead” in which we see as perceived to be a dusty dirty room. She had seen a building with construction in which debris was making itself quiet comfortable as a blanket around the trailhead. Any ways from this I could feel her emotion that she was displaying. All this nature and its home being terrorized by modern society’s nature habitat. If more people saw art expressed in this way it could start a new revolution of realizing what damage we due to nature and maybe be able to recreate the beauty by taking care of our planet.


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