Wk 7-Classmate Convosation- Joseluis Santallian

Now this is a blog all about how I met Joseluis in Art 110! He goes by just Jose only because his full name sounds like two in one. Funny thing is he thought luis was his middle name until he looked at his birth certificate and realized it wasn’t. Jose is a freshman at CSULB and was born and raised in LA, he claims it is some what of a rough area, but coming from there has only made him a stronger person and has defined him while help shape his characteristics.

Jose was very involved in high school and was a part of a very honorable club that only 6 members were selectively picked out of a bunch of students to represent the Ephebian Society. In receiving this honor he got the pleasure of meeting the mayor of his city!  Jose was also very active in sports in which he listed off Soccer..Track and Field..Cross Country..and Volleyball what a well rounded kid he was while playing these sports while also keeping up his grades.

Jose is now a psychology major but still is keeping an open mind for a possible science major.

Fun Fact: Jose enjoys art such as drawing and painting! Check out his website I promise you’ll like it!   joseluissantillan.com

IMG_1753 IMG_1752


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