WK 8- Classmate Conversation-Alonzo Urita

IMG_1916Alonzo Urita is a freshman at CSULB and currently undeclared as to what his major will be. Although just this year he has caught quit an interest in pursuing Mechanical Engineering. The reason as to why he took this art class was because in coming into college he had his mind geared towards a graphic design major hence the reason he was taking Art110. But just like most freshman some come to realize our passions change as we grow through college. Alonzo has become more then just a pier to me in this class yet someone I consider a friend that I would hang out with around campus from time to time. While alonzo has been at CSULB he has recently come to mind that a fraternity is something he definitely wants to join, just maybe nIMG_1917ot this year because fiancees are a tad bit costly, believe me I would know being apart of a sorority. With this in common I’m excited for him to possibly join one next year and getting more connected with not only the school but also the student body.

My good pal Alonzo has also just been recently hired at ‘Lil Ceaser’ a pizza place not to far off campus, so congrats on your new employment! A little history about alonzo is that he use to play volleyball in high school, he seems pretty athletic so I’m not surprised. The coolest part about alonzo is his fun outgoing personality, he always knows how to have a good time and we are always cracking jokes glad I met him this semester! 🙂

He’s really creative and i suggest you check out his blog! alonzourita.com


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