WK 9-Classmate Conversation-Marie Mendez


My first impression of Marie Mendez was that she was a young spirited young lady that loved life, well it goes deeper then that. Marie has a lot of goals and ambitions in life and plans to fulfill them throughout her experiences here at CSULB. She was born and raise in the city of Long Beach and even though she aspires to adventure out, coming here to Long Beach College has always been a dream of hers. Marie in now a Junior in college and has almost come to an end of her college career, it seems as though once you reach a certain age time just seems to slip out of your finger tips faster and faster. Marie loves working with children and has grown a passion of maybe furthering a career with it. Today she works with the students at Lowell Elementary school as a student aid and even from time to time she spends her summers as a camp instructor at this school.

Also Marie has grown a fascination with doing crafty art projects. She’s very creative, her latest project was painting a pumpkin all white then melting crayons on top. Sounds weird in words but it looked so cool! I highly recommend you check out her blog! marielmendez.wordpress.com



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