Week 9 Artist Blog Carol Taluban

I really liked Carol Taluban’s piece Broken and Beautiful. The piece is a gardening pot that looks ordinary from the outside, but is full of glitter on the inside. The pot is also breaking apart. Despite the fact that it’s breaking, the broken pieces are arranged in a way that is still beautiful.  I really liked how it looked like the broken pieces were being swept up by a gust of wind. It looks like by these pieces breaking that the pot is going from ordinary to something beautiful and special. I think she’s trying to make the statement that looks can be deceiving and that true beauty lies within. I think this piece also represents the pieces of ourselves that we don’t need eventually drift farther and farther away. Through the hardships and good times we evolve to only keep the best parts of ourselves and shed the parts we no longer need.  I really loved how the inside of pot of was gold glitter. I liked how the light looks when it bounced off the glitter. I feel as if it really enhanced the piece. This could also represent how the best parts of ourself are enhanced when we are out doing good in the world and caring for others. This was a beautiful piece and I really enjoyed it.

IMG_2037 IMG_2038


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