Week 10-Artist Blog-Sophia Dao

Sophia Dao, created a very inspiring piece to the art gallery this week. As young artistic mind flood through the room they catch a glimpse of all her creations. One very in particular stood out to me this week though, in which she titled it “Contained(2014)” with the ability to further my curiosity about what is happening in the picture. I stand here looking at the picture but the difference with this one was that i could feel a sort of emotional attachment with this piece where I was actually in the room painted. it wasn’t just an average picture or painting of the stereo typical room that is well organized like in a magazine, it felt real it felt comfortable and safe, it was home. As Sophia painting this I can imagine her inspiration of sitting in the most comfortable chair in the room and just going for it on the canvas. This is painting definitely reached a more diverse caption of modern canvas oil paintings.

IMG_2194 IMG_2193


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