WK 10-Classmate Conversation-Diana Vasquez

Meeting Diana Vasquez this week was such a pleasure. I love meeting new people and getting the feel of stepping out of my comfort zone. I found Diana also searching who to speak with this week and I was quick to walk up to her and take that opportunity of starting a conversation with a new classmate. I have learn quit interesting things about her that define her as a young women. IMG_2079

Diana is a Freshman here at California State University Long Beach and commutes from Buena Park. Which if you know your way around southern California you would find that it isn’t too far at all. Coming into college she defined her self as wanting to be a film major but as her journey through freshman year continues she has started to become more realistic about life and figured out that maybe it isn’t quit her calling so like every other freshman is now considering switching her major. Is it not weird that the further into college we get the more confused we get about what we want to do, both Diana and I discussed how sure we were about our careers in high school what we wanted to do with our lives but how just a few weeks in college and now over half the freshman class is concussed  on what they even want to do anymore. Well I guess this is what college is about more then just getting a degree but finding ourselves. Speaking with Diana we started talking about how she has peaked an interest about Business and how she believes it is a safe major for her. She plans to see how her college career goes with that and hopefully being successful with it.

Fun Fact: Diana loves to read and write, she would never want to teach it though because when it isn’t for her own pleasure she hate the feeling of it becoming a chore, but she loves finding new and interesting stories which she can always talk about if you just ask her. I highly suggest you check her page!vasquezdiana.wordpress.com


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