WK 11-Artist Blog-Wesley Hicks


Wesley Hicks is a young inspired artist in which he is motivated by act of creating an unknown object and the reverence towards those objects. He state that the work contains imperfections and inconsistencies that have been painted over to further impede viewers from understanding their intended functions and original state. Though most of the sculpturIMG_2221es seem small in size they all have if own form of meaning in which each meaning comes out the longer you observe it. While you see all of these unique indifferent objects their common ceramic ground still stand behind it. In the art of ceramics time is of the essence, speaking with some former ceramic artist i personally know, they would spenIMG_2222d days even weeks working on their projects. So I can understand the determination and passion that goes behind creating these. IMG_2223

I was very impressed with the layout and the grouping of all these pieces it made me think and feel different emotions depending on the section of art. The pieces I took pictures were the ones that stood out the most. I feel as though this week Wesley Hicks really set the bar high for next weeks artist, but I still cant wait to see what comes next.


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