Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Troy Tintiangco

Troy Tintiangco is a young college student striving to become a Film Major. Speaking with Troy was a pleasure in learning about his hobbies family and background. He is a sophomore this year and is still going strong with his studies here at CSULB. Him and his buddies dormed last year but now they share each others company in the comfort of a home here in Long beach. I would like to say I can relate to him because I also am dorming and plan to move out next year. Yes it is quiet a step of responsibility but troy made me realize that its just part of life.

Something interesting i found out is that we have more in common then I expected. Troy in high was really in involved in which ASB had consume his life. Now I also was in ASB in high school so it peaked my interest when that was brought up. We both were so use to a busy life style from high school coming to college was a weird transition, never the less joining something was just not an option in our opinions. As i was explaining my adventure of recruitment for the sorority i have joined it was no sooner Troy was explaining his fascination in bring over a cultural Fraternity from Pomona. He is still going through all the hoops to do so but he knows once the ball gets rolling it will be worth it not only for his crowd but also for the legacy he will leave.IMG_2224

Fun Fact: Troy told me a crazy story that in the year and a half he has been riding his skate board around campus he took his first plunge into the ground and feel off just last week and got a battle scare from it.   Troy Tintiangco – troytintiangco.wordpress.com


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