Wk 12- Artist Blog-Timothy Cooper

Timothy Cooper is a very talented young man in which he was able to create an art piece that not only takes up the whole room but gives the room a reason for people to be in there. His artistic was he captured the young minds of art 110 in the setting of what we see as plates in some sort of cross formation that spreads throughout the entire room. You see what i have learned in art 110 is art isn’t just a sculpture or a painting but its all around us, where we walk to, the places we go, even within our own cultures. These plates Timothy states served a common purpose in which “Each plate carries a resonance that all objects did at one time serve a practical, personal, or communal need.” This to me meant that even though something new is being made every second of every day doesn’t mean we should disregard the old yet embrace the heritage of it. Mr. Cooper did a great job with setting up his art creation and capturing the overall meaning of art history.



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