Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Marlene Gonzalez


Marlene Gonzalez. A young Spirited women just trying to get through her education her at CSULB. I learned quite a few interesting things about her today that i would like to share. Firstly she is 20 years old and is a Junior here at the college. While she lives in Downey not too far away she also commutes to school. I found talking to Marlene very easy Im not quite sure if it was my spunky outgoing personality or if it was her inviting words that made it so easy to talk to her. Marlene came to school wanting to be a Social Worker in which throughout her years of attending school she realized that maybe working with a more younger generation was her thing. So now she is declared as a Child Development Major. She plans to be a preschool teacher one day but for now she consistently works at a Handicap home for the elderly disabled as a home provider.

Fun Fact: In speaking with Marlene I have learned that she was apart of the Salsa Club her freshman year! And she is also into super cool Action movies like “Iron Man” and “Fast And Furious”!

Check out het blog! —-> http://gonmarlene.wordpress.com/


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