WK 12-Classmate Conversation-Connor Bailey

Connor Bailey. Freshman at CSULB and is 18 years old. Is here to pursue his career of being a Film major and with his Potato Couch production is getting closer one small film at a time. How it came about was what I also found intriguing in that talking to his room mate and networking with his group of friends he met the writer of Couch Potato in what they decided to do a kick starter for there new ideal production. They made a total of $600 and ended up having enough to start filming their masterpiece. They started this at the beginning of the semester and are now doing their finishing editing touches to it.IMG_4987

Conner attended University City High School and when I asked where it was located he was quick to ask if I remembered a military plane crash that had happened not too long ago. Well surely he new about it so I started asking questions. I found out that one day in his PE class they were enjoying their day outside and then a loud whistling plane noise accord and he looked up to see this military jet. It as coming in hot never the less and the craziest part was that it ended up landing in his own neighborhood.  What are the odds that he was able to see it and this plane crashed right in the area where he grew up. If there was anything that he should have caught on film it would be that! Thats not all that happened with Mr. Bailey in high school he was also very active in base ball and played for the school team. Another interesting fact about Connor is that he enjoys playing the guitar and use to be very attached to the interest on cars. On top of this fascination with cars him and his buddy in school were very into building Kit Cars of Ferraris. this is a type of car the completely works and has the outside shell of a high end car but has the engine of a mediocre car. I really enjoyed getting to know more about my classmate Connor Bailey and I suggest you check out his page!


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