Wk13-Artist Blog- Hyeri Kim


Hyeri Kim puts together an amazing selection of art pieces together. He is able to portray more then just sparkly objects we gaze upon and idolize to wear, this section of the gallery has signified that a simple object can have more then just a sentimental meaning but also symbolizing love that a passionate relationship can hold. Him bringing to life the feeling of happiness and joy I felt overwhelmed with the enchantment feelings that love really is bliss. Why do we think jewelry is a girls best friend…all of us want to believe its from the riches of the beauty of the inanimate object but really its so much more. More then we would like to believe these gifts and treasures that are given or have been passed down from generation to generation becomes a part of us, it becomes the symbol of our beliefs of endless devotion a our significant others.

IMG_2466 IMG_2467

IMG_2469 IMG_2470


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