Who Decides What is Ethical

This week we discussed an article and in this article it described an experiment and research in which they looked at a series of years of students Facebook pages. Now the school was the one to give them authorization to go through with the research and not tell individuals that they were doing such as they explained it to be public information. Along the lines of this project the data was exposed and people were then catching on that their information was violated. These students had no idea they were being watched for so long and at this point there was nothing they could do about it. With understanding how viable the research was, in class discussed if whether or not this research was ethical. Some said yes and some said no.


Thinking more about it how would you feel if any of your other social media profiles were being examined carefully? How would your react to results, and would you act out afterwards by deleting any of your social media profiles? Why or Why not?


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