Who Decides What is Ethical

This week we discussed an article and in this article it described an experiment and research in which they looked at a series of years of students Facebook pages. Now the school was the one to give them authorization to go through with the research and not tell individuals that they were doing such as they explained it to be public information. Along the lines of this project the data was exposed and people were then catching on that their information was violated. These students had no idea they were being watched for so long and at this point there was nothing they could do about it. With understanding how viable the research was, in class discussed if whether or not this research was ethical. Some said yes and some said no.


Thinking more about it how would you feel if any of your other social media profiles were being examined carefully? How would your react to results, and would you act out afterwards by deleting any of your social media profiles? Why or Why not?


Wk13-Artist Blog- Hyeri Kim


Hyeri Kim puts together an amazing selection of art pieces together. He is able to portray more then just sparkly objects we gaze upon and idolize to wear, this section of the gallery has signified that a simple object can have more then just a sentimental meaning but also symbolizing love that a passionate relationship can hold. Him bringing to life the feeling of happiness and joy I felt overwhelmed with the enchantment feelings that love really is bliss. Why do we think jewelry is a girls best friend…all of us want to believe its from the riches of the beauty of the inanimate object but really its so much more. More then we would like to believe these gifts and treasures that are given or have been passed down from generation to generation becomes a part of us, it becomes the symbol of our beliefs of endless devotion a our significant others.

IMG_2466 IMG_2467

IMG_2469 IMG_2470

WK 12-Classmate Conversation-Connor Bailey

Connor Bailey. Freshman at CSULB and is 18 years old. Is here to pursue his career of being a Film major and with his Potato Couch production is getting closer one small film at a time. How it came about was what I also found intriguing in that talking to his room mate and networking with his group of friends he met the writer of Couch Potato in what they decided to do a kick starter for there new ideal production. They made a total of $600 and ended up having enough to start filming their masterpiece. They started this at the beginning of the semester and are now doing their finishing editing touches to it.IMG_4987

Conner attended University City High School and when I asked where it was located he was quick to ask if I remembered a military plane crash that had happened not too long ago. Well surely he new about it so I started asking questions. I found out that one day in his PE class they were enjoying their day outside and then a loud whistling plane noise accord and he looked up to see this military jet. It as coming in hot never the less and the craziest part was that it ended up landing in his own neighborhood.  What are the odds that he was able to see it and this plane crashed right in the area where he grew up. If there was anything that he should have caught on film it would be that! Thats not all that happened with Mr. Bailey in high school he was also very active in base ball and played for the school team. Another interesting fact about Connor is that he enjoys playing the guitar and use to be very attached to the interest on cars. On top of this fascination with cars him and his buddy in school were very into building Kit Cars of Ferraris. this is a type of car the completely works and has the outside shell of a high end car but has the engine of a mediocre car. I really enjoyed getting to know more about my classmate Connor Bailey and I suggest you check out his page!

WK 13- Artist Blog-Jeff Dulla


Jeff Dulla’s work is very unique. He calls it Cyclical Nature, he has a way of really being able to develop different contrast in each section of the painting. What really pops out is the sun in which i love the texture of the colors he used that really made it look realistic. Looking at this painting I get the feeling of looking into a parallel universe that the normal is weird and out of place yet being different is the norm of the realm. This piece has its own way of standing out the gallery and it caught my attention right away. Yes the other painting were interesting but this specific one really had me mind blown. What I really love the most about this piece is the twisted dark vibe that comes from it. Even though it had this harsh deadly vibe I can still see the mystery that keeps the picture alive and draws you in.

Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Marlene Gonzalez


Marlene Gonzalez. A young Spirited women just trying to get through her education her at CSULB. I learned quite a few interesting things about her today that i would like to share. Firstly she is 20 years old and is a Junior here at the college. While she lives in Downey not too far away she also commutes to school. I found talking to Marlene very easy Im not quite sure if it was my spunky outgoing personality or if it was her inviting words that made it so easy to talk to her. Marlene came to school wanting to be a Social Worker in which throughout her years of attending school she realized that maybe working with a more younger generation was her thing. So now she is declared as a Child Development Major. She plans to be a preschool teacher one day but for now she consistently works at a Handicap home for the elderly disabled as a home provider.

Fun Fact: In speaking with Marlene I have learned that she was apart of the Salsa Club her freshman year! And she is also into super cool Action movies like “Iron Man” and “Fast And Furious”!

Check out het blog! —-> http://gonmarlene.wordpress.com/

Wk 12- Artist Blog-Timothy Cooper

Timothy Cooper is a very talented young man in which he was able to create an art piece that not only takes up the whole room but gives the room a reason for people to be in there. His artistic was he captured the young minds of art 110 in the setting of what we see as plates in some sort of cross formation that spreads throughout the entire room. You see what i have learned in art 110 is art isn’t just a sculpture or a painting but its all around us, where we walk to, the places we go, even within our own cultures. These plates Timothy states served a common purpose in which “Each plate carries a resonance that all objects did at one time serve a practical, personal, or communal need.” This to me meant that even though something new is being made every second of every day doesn’t mean we should disregard the old yet embrace the heritage of it. Mr. Cooper did a great job with setting up his art creation and capturing the overall meaning of art history.


Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Troy Tintiangco

Troy Tintiangco is a young college student striving to become a Film Major. Speaking with Troy was a pleasure in learning about his hobbies family and background. He is a sophomore this year and is still going strong with his studies here at CSULB. Him and his buddies dormed last year but now they share each others company in the comfort of a home here in Long beach. I would like to say I can relate to him because I also am dorming and plan to move out next year. Yes it is quiet a step of responsibility but troy made me realize that its just part of life.

Something interesting i found out is that we have more in common then I expected. Troy in high was really in involved in which ASB had consume his life. Now I also was in ASB in high school so it peaked my interest when that was brought up. We both were so use to a busy life style from high school coming to college was a weird transition, never the less joining something was just not an option in our opinions. As i was explaining my adventure of recruitment for the sorority i have joined it was no sooner Troy was explaining his fascination in bring over a cultural Fraternity from Pomona. He is still going through all the hoops to do so but he knows once the ball gets rolling it will be worth it not only for his crowd but also for the legacy he will leave.IMG_2224

Fun Fact: Troy told me a crazy story that in the year and a half he has been riding his skate board around campus he took his first plunge into the ground and feel off just last week and got a battle scare from it.   Troy Tintiangco – troytintiangco.wordpress.com