WK 11-Artist Blog-Wesley Hicks


Wesley Hicks is a young inspired artist in which he is motivated by act of creating an unknown object and the reverence towards those objects. He state that the work contains imperfections and inconsistencies that have been painted over to further impede viewers from understanding their intended functions and original state. Though most of the sculpturIMG_2221es seem small in size they all have if own form of meaning in which each meaning comes out the longer you observe it. While you see all of these unique indifferent objects their common ceramic ground still stand behind it. In the art of ceramics time is of the essence, speaking with some former ceramic artist i personally know, they would spenIMG_2222d days even weeks working on their projects. So I can understand the determination and passion that goes behind creating these. IMG_2223

I was very impressed with the layout and the grouping of all these pieces it made me think and feel different emotions depending on the section of art. The pieces I took pictures were the ones that stood out the most. I feel as though this week Wesley Hicks really set the bar high for next weeks artist, but I still cant wait to see what comes next.


WK 10-Classmate Conversation-Diana Vasquez

Meeting Diana Vasquez this week was such a pleasure. I love meeting new people and getting the feel of stepping out of my comfort zone. I found Diana also searching who to speak with this week and I was quick to walk up to her and take that opportunity of starting a conversation with a new classmate. I have learn quit interesting things about her that define her as a young women. IMG_2079

Diana is a Freshman here at California State University Long Beach and commutes from Buena Park. Which if you know your way around southern California you would find that it isn’t too far at all. Coming into college she defined her self as wanting to be a film major but as her journey through freshman year continues she has started to become more realistic about life and figured out that maybe it isn’t quit her calling so like every other freshman is now considering switching her major. Is it not weird that the further into college we get the more confused we get about what we want to do, both Diana and I discussed how sure we were about our careers in high school what we wanted to do with our lives but how just a few weeks in college and now over half the freshman class is concussed  on what they even want to do anymore. Well I guess this is what college is about more then just getting a degree but finding ourselves. Speaking with Diana we started talking about how she has peaked an interest about Business and how she believes it is a safe major for her. She plans to see how her college career goes with that and hopefully being successful with it.

Fun Fact: Diana loves to read and write, she would never want to teach it though because when it isn’t for her own pleasure she hate the feeling of it becoming a chore, but she loves finding new and interesting stories which she can always talk about if you just ask her. I highly suggest you check her page!vasquezdiana.wordpress.com

Week 10-Artist Blog-Sophia Dao

Sophia Dao, created a very inspiring piece to the art gallery this week. As young artistic mind flood through the room they catch a glimpse of all her creations. One very in particular stood out to me this week though, in which she titled it “Contained(2014)” with the ability to further my curiosity about what is happening in the picture. I stand here looking at the picture but the difference with this one was that i could feel a sort of emotional attachment with this piece where I was actually in the room painted. it wasn’t just an average picture or painting of the stereo typical room that is well organized like in a magazine, it felt real it felt comfortable and safe, it was home. As Sophia painting this I can imagine her inspiration of sitting in the most comfortable chair in the room and just going for it on the canvas. This is painting definitely reached a more diverse caption of modern canvas oil paintings.

IMG_2194 IMG_2193

Week 9 Activity Video Blog

I enjoyed talking about myself for such a short period of time. It made me realize what things I tell other people about myself when I’m getting to know them. This is useful to know because I’m a freshman and I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. It also made me think about why we introduce ourselves with things such as our age, major, and what school we go to. That doesn’t really say much about a person. A lot of people want to be social workers here at CSULB. It made me wonder why we don’t introduce ourselves with things we actually care about and that actually make up who we are. Excuse my voice, I was a bit sick when I made this. Thanks for watching!


Week 9 Artist Blog Carol Taluban

I really liked Carol Taluban’s piece Broken and Beautiful. The piece is a gardening pot that looks ordinary from the outside, but is full of glitter on the inside. The pot is also breaking apart. Despite the fact that it’s breaking, the broken pieces are arranged in a way that is still beautiful.  I really liked how it looked like the broken pieces were being swept up by a gust of wind. It looks like by these pieces breaking that the pot is going from ordinary to something beautiful and special. I think she’s trying to make the statement that looks can be deceiving and that true beauty lies within. I think this piece also represents the pieces of ourselves that we don’t need eventually drift farther and farther away. Through the hardships and good times we evolve to only keep the best parts of ourselves and shed the parts we no longer need.  I really loved how the inside of pot of was gold glitter. I liked how the light looks when it bounced off the glitter. I feel as if it really enhanced the piece. This could also represent how the best parts of ourself are enhanced when we are out doing good in the world and caring for others. This was a beautiful piece and I really enjoyed it.

IMG_2037 IMG_2038

WK 9-Classmate Conversation-Marie Mendez


My first impression of Marie Mendez was that she was a young spirited young lady that loved life, well it goes deeper then that. Marie has a lot of goals and ambitions in life and plans to fulfill them throughout her experiences here at CSULB. She was born and raise in the city of Long Beach and even though she aspires to adventure out, coming here to Long Beach College has always been a dream of hers. Marie in now a Junior in college and has almost come to an end of her college career, it seems as though once you reach a certain age time just seems to slip out of your finger tips faster and faster. Marie loves working with children and has grown a passion of maybe furthering a career with it. Today she works with the students at Lowell Elementary school as a student aid and even from time to time she spends her summers as a camp instructor at this school.

Also Marie has grown a fascination with doing crafty art projects. She’s very creative, her latest project was painting a pumpkin all white then melting crayons on top. Sounds weird in words but it looked so cool! I highly recommend you check out her blog! marielmendez.wordpress.com


Wk 8-Create Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.08.03 PM

My blog so far has been somewhat bland ill be honest it was boring and dry. Yet this assignment has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and create something thats more homely for me. This page is not only a website to show my journey through Art110 but also to express my journey through my first semester of college. This new transition from high school to college has made me little home sick but it has gotten easier throughout the days of adjusting. I’d like to think the audience of my blog would be mostly my generation and those who understand the struggle of just trying to not only fit in but finding a name for yourself in which this blog has helped shape me in defining who I am. The  change i made to this blog page was the background which shows my view on being different and artistic and the theme of the page which is more formal and shows how serious I take my work. Blogging is a tedious task to remember every week but I believe it has been worth it and I hope that I can still keep it up after I am done with this class because its almost like my diary for the semester. With this diary of my journey my audience gets to experience the thrilling action of being a first year freshman student at CSULB…and then also grow with me through the battle we call life.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.20.37 PM